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Stumbled upon this fun, whimsical song by yoga teacher Meghan Currie. Thinking about asking her if I can use it as the theme song for my web series Luv Saves The Day. In the meantime using it as creative inspiration.

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Sexy Parents

I find the mother and the father (Ron Jack Foley) in this Volvo commercial so damn sexy. What is their story? Plus love that she’s driving and he’s in the back all emotional about their daughter’s wedding. Using them as inspiration for the type of couple I want to center my first feature around.

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Mr. Robot Visuals

I attended a TV writing workshop with Jen Grisanti this weekend. She referenced Mr. Robot. Said it was a great pilot to watch. Mistakenly (or maybe not :) ) ended up watching the beginning of Ep. 2 and fell in love with the visuals of the opening scene. The story is pretty clear just with visuals. Check out some screengrabs. Can’t wait to watch the pilot.

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Real Life Characters #001

What I saw out in the world today…

Temporary Non-English Speaker
A gay, Asian guy speaks great English despite it being his third language. However, when he gets nervous he forgets how to speak English.

Woman Watches Savage Eat
A middle-aged woman in the grocery checkout line next to me stares at something intently. I look to see, ahead of her in the line, a well-dressed, young woman holding a self-serve container of food from the salad bar. She is digging in with her bare fingers scarfing down food as if she hasn’t eaten in days. It is not a pretty sight but hard to look away, as confirmed by the disturbed look on the middle-aged woman’s face.

The End

It’s Not Your Fault

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Good Will Hunting. Get choked up every time I watch it. So much said with four simple words.

The End